Your mission!


God is building his kingdom in our world and using people to do it. Lots of different people get called, gifted and enabled to do different kinds of tasks. Even Paul taught and realized this (1 Corinthians 3:6-9). And God wants to use you too. He wants to use your gifts, your individual abilities and your personal potential! We from “To All Nations” are able to offer you the following three opportunities:


Be part of a group ministry Deutschland 80x50 for 2-3 weeks. Help with a specific project (for example doing a children’s week or rebuilding a house etc.) and learn about the local missionary work. You can find current dates here!


You can also use your gifts as a short-term-volunteer Deutschland 80x50 for 1-12 months and be part of the missionary work. Take up the challenge to serve in another country and culture. You can find more information here.


For young people, we also offer a discipleship school called “Follow me”.


We also support Church planting projects Deutschland 80x50 by offering workshops and consultancy.



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Group ministry Deutschland 80x50

Short-term-volunteer Deutschland 80x50

Follow Me

Church planting Deutschland 80x50