Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief

Disaster events are no longer a novelty and are expanding globally. news around the world confronts us with the shattering effects of a wide variety of scenarios. Unfortunately, the existential danger behind them is wrongly undererstimated and the suffering of many perople is forgotten in the long term.

For this reason, To All Nations would like to draw attention to the urgency and necessity of international disaster relief.

With your active support, we would like to help those affected together.
For this reason, we are setting up the "Emergancy Response Team", a group of helpers to provide humanitarian aid as well as post-traumatic care immediately after disaster operations.
If you would like to become part of the Emergancy Response Team, please register. Here you will be professionally prepared for the disaster missions within the framework of various seminars as well as continuously informed about current events.

Registration for Emergency Response Team

Current disaster operations

In the period from 10.09.2022 to 25.09.2022, we are planning a disaster relief mission in northern Mozambique. The mission will focus on humanitarian aid among the refugees and evangelistic support for the local church.

To register and for more information follow the link.

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